Chinese Green Tea 100% Natural

Chinese Green Tea 100% Natural

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1 x 20 Tea BagsGreen Tea 

- The Way a Healthy Life Should Be
It soggy mountain streams.
Affected by the unique warm climate and the special environment with enough rainfall every year.
This tea is green and luxuriant, constitutes a flourishing tea forest.
This China Green Tea (100% natural, Organic) grows among undulating mountain ranges.
China's tea industry first flourished in Bashu, then spread to Japan and Korea in the Tang Dynasty, and was introduced to the West in the 16th century.
The tea ceremony is a kind of life etiquette with tea as the medium.
It is also considered a way of self-cultivation.
Through making tea, enjoying tea, and drinking tea, can enhance friendship, cultivate morality and learn etiquette.
It is a kind of beneficial and beautiful ceremony.

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1 x Chinese Green Tea 100% Natural - 20 Tea Bags

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